Sunday, 15 May 2011

manchester zine convention & new posters

Yesterday Twigs and Apples held a table at the Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention, Manchester - many thanks to Natalie of The Shrieking Violets for inviting us along! This was the first proper convention that we've been involved with and it was a good chance to get some work out and have a chat with people there.

The venue couldn't have been more unusual or beautiful - a Grade II listed Edwardian Baths centre built in 1906.  The zine fayre part was held on the balcony, with Future Everything hosting an odd selection of tables below.

Adjoining the main hall are two of the swimming pools, with original changing rooms, seating areas and features. Each hosted an artwork - 'Physical Oscillators' by Antony Hall (beautifully simple) installed in one, and performance by Yu-chen Wang (less impressive..) in the other.

I think having Future Everything stuff at the same event brought a different mix of a crowd, as quite a few people had no idea what a zine was (!) - but most I spoke to seemed to really like the DIY ethic of it.
Strangely though zines were what we sold the least of. Our free bits were very popular, (thanks to Jill of Hello Vegan zine - all the way from Toronto for some issues!) and we were very chuffed that our new screen-printed posters sold well, and my new Camus - inspired mini-comic!


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